What specifically does a student learn in dealer’s school?

First off we teach the rules and objective of the game and then we focus on the mechanics of dealing. You would learn through hands-on-training how to shuffle and deal the cards including the position of the body when dealing, how to handle chips and make pay-outs. In addition to the mechanics of dealing, you will learn about protection of the game, table manners and attitude on the job and also procedures for job interviews and table tests. Once you satisfactorily complete the training, you would receive a certificate stating that you have been trained to deal a specific games. Our objective is to produce a confident, highly trained and employable dealer proficient in all procedures of dealing a game at the entry-level position.

How long does it take to complete a course?

The course usually lasts 8 weeks but it also depends on your personal ability to learn. Some people will learn faster than others and if they feel confident and our assessments will show that they are ready, the course can take less than standard 8 weeks. On the other side if someone needs more time to learn we will also support that until we are sure that they are prepared to a high standard.

From the game perspective: Blackjack is one of the easiest games to deal, and typically students complete their training in 2 weeks or less. Roulette is more complicated and it usually takes a student up to 4 weeks to complete the training. Three Card Poker (3CP) takes only about half week. Texas Hold'Em Poker is very popular and full course will take 3 to 5 weeks depending on the course (might include Omaha High/Low and Hold’Em)

What does it cost to go to dealer’s school?

Our tuition fee is £1,685 for basic and most needed games that is blackjack, 3 Card Poker and Roulette. Students can also add Texas Hold'Em poker or Baccarat. If a student wants to we can split the tuition fee payments to make it easier.

What should a student be looking for when choosing a dealer’s school?

The student to instructor ratio is very important, the amount of time the instructors spend with students, the type of equipment the school uses to train dealers (is it casino quality?) and the type of job assistance offered. The experience of the instructor is very important. For example, we only hire employed casino dealers and Inspectors as instructors so that we can keep up-to-date on casino dealing procedures. Our professional instructors only teach the games that they deal and they are in class at all times mentoring their students.

Once a student completes his training, how does he or she get a job?

The student has to attend an interview with a casino that is recruiting. How the student performs during the interview and table test is what determines whether or not they get the job.  During table test students are tested dealing standard games. That’s why we conduct two live, mock interviews and table tests with all our students. We also give students feedback on their performance to better prepare them for the real world.


Are there any requirements to be a dealer?

The minimum age to deal in a casino in UK is 18 and have completed a gaming course in order to obtain a gaming licence. Applicants must also have no criminal record and undergo the check with the satisfactory report. Gaming licence ( Personal Functional Licence) costs £185 and is valid 5 years. We assist our students with obtaining those.


How much money does a dealer earn?

New dealers earn from £7.20 per hour in wages plus tips, which can vary depending upon where they work. At a casino outside of London they can expect to earn about £150 - £300 per month in just tips at their first job. After a short while, they should be able to apply for a dealing job at a larger casino or casino in London ( or anywhere in the world) where they can earn as much as £400-£2000 per month in tips only. Of course the salary itself rises as well quite often starting at about £17,500 per year plus tips. The potential is there to make a good living but of course it depends on the dealer’s personality, attitude, and dealing skills.


Are the stories about high rollers occasionally tipping dealers thousands of pounds true?

Yes. Tips are however shared amongst gaming staff, except dealers who deal poker keep their tips.


What is a normal workday for a dealer?

Dealers generally work 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week. During that time they usually work 1 hour and then get a 20-minute break. In some casinos they work 40 minutes on and then get 20 minutes off. In a few casinos, dealers work 10-hour days, 4 days per week.


What are the work shifts in a casino?

Typically Day shift runs from 11 am to 7 pm, Mid shift is 7 pm till 3 am, and Night shift is 10 pm till 6 am.


Are dealers allowed to gamble?

In UK, table game dealers can play in any casino except where they work.


What do dealers like most about their jobs and what do they dislike most?

They like the financial rewards that a career as a casino dealer offers them. Most enjoy the glamour, action, and the environment of working in a casino. What they dislike most is sometimes unsociable working hours.


What makes a person a successful casino dealer?

Their personality and attitude are the keys. Successful dealers are well groomed in their appearance, friendly, helpful, have a positive attitude, interact well with players, and are happy to be a dealer. Casinos figure that dealer’s skills at dealing will always improve. What they look for is the package: a pleasant individual with a good attitude and the ability to deal. If they have these characteristics it will show in their job performance and result in a positive playing experience for players.


How can a dealer advance in their career?

By always improving their game, having a good work ethic, and a good track record.


What happens to a dealer if he or she is caught cheating?

That’s bad news. You would lose your gaming license and possibly be prosecuted. Cheating on a game is something no dealer should ever consider doing alone or in collusion with a player.

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